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I am an executive coach to CEOs and business leaders globally. Over the last 20+ years I have been deeply passionate about both business coaching and life coaching, as well as the confluence of both: I have developed thought leadership approaches toward rewiring internally, for accelerated success externally.

Apart from coaching, I enjoy writing (for HBR and IIM curriculum design). I also address IIM alumni and various groups of CEOs, through the Masterclasses I run, or at fora am invited to speak at.

My 24+ year personal interest in meditation and breath-work has exploded into consciousness-based leadership approaches that transform your mind state and give you the ability to truly create impact- at speed.

How I got to where I am :

I have helped organisations grow, perform, and create value - during my time at Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

I then developed deep interest in leadership and was fortunate to be among the select pool of people to be groomed in the Hay McClelland center (Harvard’s) gold standard approach to leadership development.

Subsequently, my professional life has been dedicated to coaching CEOs and business leaders, and thought leadership work in this space.

Where I come from (personally):

I took a year off to study the scriptures in 1998/99 - before an MBA at IIM Bangalore (Asia’s leading business school)

I shuttle between India and Europe: I am presently based in the quaint European countryside in Belgium, married to a Senior Partner and Managing Director at Boston Consulting Group (the firm we met at 20+ years ago)